"State Certified Testing in a friendly and relaxed environment "

 In our modern times, owning a vehicle is not a luxury, but a necessity. In order to achieve that goal, a driver's license is the first step.
Since 1999, Holman Road Testing has been providing professional automobile road testing services to thousands of applicants seeking the Michigan Department of State Skills Test Certificate.
Holman Road Testing is state-certified by the Michigan Department of Drivers Training and Testing Division. In addition, all examiners are professionally trained and state certified as well.
Any exam can be scary, and a road test is no different; however, with that particular mindset, that could lead to improper handling of the vehicle.
That is why we place a great emphasis on making the applicant as comfortable as possible in order to minimize or eliminate these "first time jitters".
Our mission has always been to be fair, yet stringent, with respect to your safety and that of others. To that end, if any applicant should fail their test, a full explanation will be provided. Basic tips would also be given to avoid future mistakes.
Today Holman Road Testing is thriving thanks to the solid reputation we have earned and the many referrals we continue to receive.  Contact us or Call 734-589-8987